What is my ring size?
To find your ring size, please use our Ring Sizer via our Size Chart page to help determine your ring size. We also have physical ring sizers for purchase! You can pop into your local jeweler and ask them to measure for you (it's usually free!).
What is the most common ring size?
The most common ring size is 7 sold by BACCISTORE. Common sizes also range from 6-8 in the US.
Do you have a size chart?
Yes! Please see our 'Size Chart' to help you determine your jewelry sizes.
What are the best necklace lengths for layering?
Layering can be tricky. We usually like to always keep 2" in between each layer, but the beauty of layering is to make it your own. Feel free to mix & match different lengths, shapes & shades. See our 'Size Chart' pages for in depth help with necklace layering. 
What size necklace am I?
Please see our 'Size Chart' to help you determine your desired necklace size.
Will the choker fit me?
Most of our chokers come with a 2”-3“ extension to ensure that it's not too small & will always fit.. Depending on your neck size, the choker will fit more loosely or tighter.
What is the most common necklace size?
The most common necklace length is between 16"-20".